Meet Our Therapists
Meet Our Therapists

Brady Preyss

Brady PreyssBrady loves to integrate a variety of healing modalities into his sessions such as Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, hot stone deep tissue, reflexology, and therapist assisted stretching.
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DominiqueSome of Dominque’s favorite modalities are thai, barefoot style massage, deep tissue, sound healing and more.  Also a certified yoga instructor and passionate about soulful healing.
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Eliza VolkEliza blends her intuitive and strong touch with anatomical knowledge of the body and integrates therapeutic work into the massage.
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Lee Ann CavesLeeAnn specializes in deep tissue massage, neuromuscular reprogramming and trigger point therapy.
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lindsey-headshotCreating connective, client-centered healing experience using the relaxing qualities of Swedish massage with deep tissue work and trigger point therapy.
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Jennifer is passionate about prenatal massage and offers support before, during and after childbearing.
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Integrating therapeutics and energetics in each and every session.  A deep sense of passion and caring for the work and for the individual.

More about our therapists:

Brady Preyss

Brady PreyssIt is my intention to use the professional knowledge and training I have acquired to empower others to be healthy and to feel their best.”
—Brady Preyss

Brady Preyss is the founder as well as an active therapist of Unity Healing Arts. Throughout his whole life, Brady has had an interest and a passion to explore the human body’s ability to perform an endless foray of feats and activities. Often this interest has lead to his own participation in athletics, movement, dance, and outdoor adventure. In time, the joy of participating also lead to his fascination in how the body heals and techniques to facilitate that healing.

By attending and graduating from the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe, NM, Brady had the opportunity to study with some of the finest healers and massage therapists in one the country’s most renown healing meccas.

Several years ago, his yoga practice lead him to Portland, OR to study a holistic yoga practice more deeply at the Ananda School of Yoga.  He is currently a certified and registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. It is his belief that yoga practice and massage therapy are wonderful compliments to one another.  Brady loves to integrate a variety of healing modalities into his sessions such as Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, hot stone deep tissue, reflexology, and therapist assisted stretching.



LeeAnn Cacawa received her massage therapy certification in 2004 from Alive & Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork in Mill Valley, CA.  Her years of experience have been enriched by practicing in day spas, with chiropractors, and by partnering with various holistic health care providers.

LeeAnn moved to Asheville from California in 2008 where she spent five years as a manager of a day spa.  After a hiatus as a new mother she has returned to holistic health care enthusiastically cultivating her passion of massage therapy.

Specializing in deep tissue massage, neuromuscular reprogramming and trigger point therapy, LeeAnn’s massage sessions are always uniquely designed to promote healing, stress reduction and recovery from muscular injury, tension and fatigue.  LeeAnn is excited to educate others about the benefits of bodywork as key form of illness prevention and promotion of optimal well-being.



Eliza has been passionately involved in the healing arts for many years.  She grew up as an athlete and always had a distinct ability to help others.  Eliza’s own passions, as well as encouragement from her community, led her to go to school for massage therapy.  Eliza graduated from the Center for Massage and Natural Health in 2012, with an enthusiastic passion to bring her skills out into the world.

Eliza blends her intuitive and strong touch with anatomical knowledge of the human body.  Every massage that she gives is different and customized to fit each individual’s needs.  She’s great at finding those trouble spots and working them out!  Eliza uses a well-rounded approach to integrate relaxation and therapeutic work into the massage.

Eliza’s other work involves teaching children in an outdoor nature program.  She is also a yoga practitioner and dancer.  Eliza looks forward to meeting you and creating the perfect massage!


Dominiquedom head shot

Dominique Warfield is an expressive and healing artist with a passion to help people radically love and connect with their bodies.

She is a Prescott College graduate with a degree in “Expressive and Healing Arts’ as well as a Florida School of Massage Alumni. Dominique has traveled around the country exploring spiritual and intentional communities deepening her studies in Yoga and indigenous healing arts.

During her formative years she was a competitive gymnast and all-star cheerleader, as well as a musical theater student. She was very motivated at a young age learning ways to heal her body from intensive trainings, which allowed her to gain a deep intuitive feeling around therapeutic touch and body exploration. Dominique is currently a Yoga, movement and music facilitator and in her healing treatments she integrates a variety of different modalities influenced by Thai massage, feet work, indigenous healing arts and sound healing— she calls this UNIQUE mix of visionary healing techniques “The Shamanique Experience.”



Lindsey is constantly amazed by the resiliency of the human body. She has a deep excitement and curiosity oflindseyheadshot alternative healing modalities which led her to study massage therapy at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga in 2014-2015.

Lindsey has spent her life full of movement including everything from dancing and yoga to hiking, homesteading to crafting. Her enjoyment of the ease in navigating daily tasks and living a full life brings her great gratitude and a willingness to help others enjoy the same fluidity of activity through healing massage.

As a therapist, she likes to use her intuition and gentle nature to create a connective, client-centered healing experience using the relaxing qualities of Swedish massage with deep tissue work and trigger point therapy.



jennifer head shotJennifer is passionate about prenatal massage and offers support before, during and after childbearing. She also works with women postpartum to help tone and strengthen their bodies 6-8 weeks after delivery.  She is a certified infant massage educator, teaching families how to massage their infants from birth to age one, and sharing the art of nurturing touch.

Jennifer offers an integrative massage session blending Swedish, deep tissue, thai, trigger point and energy work tailored to your individual needs. My primary focus is to create space promoting your body’s natural healing process, providing balance and harmony.

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Jennifer has always been interested in holistic health, yoga, exercise and family. After raising two children, she decided to go back to school in 2010 and study massage. The human body is amazing, and being a curious soul and a lifelong learner, combining movement with nurturing touch is a perfect fit.
Jennifer has a bachelors degree from Syracuse University, graduated in 2011 from The European Massage School in Illinois, and has been continuing her education ever since. She has worked with a Chiropractor, and at a Chinese Medicine Clinic in Evanston Illinois. In 2011,  Jennifer was certified in “Bodywork for the Childbearing Years” with Kate Jordan, and is passionate about providing women with comfort measures and helping moms-to-be feel their best during their pregnancies and beyond. In 2013,  Jennifer studied cranio sacral therapy with the Upledger Institute. In 2014 she began the process of her infant massage certification with Infant Massage USA, and completed it in 2015 as a CEIM and member of IAIM. And in 2016, Jennifer attended The School of Thai Massage and Bodywork with Chuck Duff, which gave her the tools to deliver a deep massage along with  thai/yoga stretching.


Dylondylon head shot

Dylon has been practicing massage for 8 years and deeply enjoys what he does. He integrates the clinical style of outcome based treatments with the relaxing movement of slow, steady pressure and tractioning. He works as a healer on a physical and energetic level keeping his pressure intuitive.
Dylon studied in Chicago at the Soma Institute and at Blue Lotus Thai, totaling 950+ hours of training. He has also been practicing Reiki since he was 13. His grandmother was a healer, and passed a great deal of her knowledge to him.
Prior to massage Dylon attended college for Sculpture and still actively creates work daily. His tactile talents make him versatile with his hands and certainly makes for a unique technique.
The body can be shaped and shifted, just as a sculptor manipulates the form of clay, stone and metals. However, the body can not be forced into healing, it must be given space to heal itself.

Dominic1 (1)

Dominic integrates many therapeutic massage techniques into his practice with a focus on myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point and neuromuscular therapy held together by the fluid and seamless movement of swedish massage. While he was always interested in alternative health and medical practices, Dominic discovered his true love of the healing arts after beginning his yoga practice in 2013. This eventually led him to the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga where he graduated from in April of 2015 sparking a passion that drives him to provide healing to all in need. Dominic also enjoys many physical activities such as backpacking, rock climbing, yoga, slacklining and soccer. This continues to fuel his curiosity of the wonders of the human body as well as give him a deeper understanding of how it works. It is his belief that we all have the ability to heal and be healed and he hopes to provide the space for others to discover this with his massage practice.


Jeffjeff headshot

Jeff specializes in Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Swedish, and Tuina. He is
thrilled to work with clients experiencing chronic conditions as well as to aid in the rehabilitation
of recent injuries. His approach is to assess unique postural patterns and to listen to the
information the body intuitively communicates. He applies myofascial techniques to release
connective tissues which surround structures in the body to catalyze healing at a deeper level.
Jeff began exploring his intuitive approach to bodywork in his early 20’s. Friends and family
returning home from physically demanding work would request relief of aches and pains.
Encouraged by his success in alleviating pain, he enrolled himself at East West College of the
Healing Arts, in Portland OR, graduating in March of 2015.


1Sami’s sessions are heart centered, deep, slow and integrative catering to the
clients needs in the present moment. She creates a safe space for clients to
relax their nervous system and begin the process of unwinding old patterns in
order to release both physical and emotional pain/ trauma stored in the body.
In 2009 Sami moved to Boulder, Colorado to deepen her studies in Forrest Yoga
and Vipassana Meditation. Through these practices she began to develop
awareness around the bodies intelligence and inherent wisdom to heal itself.
Craving more knowledge and education around the mind-body connection Sami
moved to Kauai, HI in 2014 to study at the Pacific Center For Awareness and
Bodywork. Here she studied Structural Integration, connective tissue massage,
Swedish and Lomi Lomi. She learned to utilize tools of mindfulness in the
container of bodywork and developed skills to communicate with her clients
around emotional expressions that often release during deep work.
Upon moving to Asheville in Dec 2016, Sami became a certified Thai Yoga
Massage Therapist and learned how to incorporate more dynamic stretching into

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