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All massages are performed on a massage table with professional draping at all times. Please feel free to inform us of any preferences you have.

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Classic Massages

prenatal pic
Mothers-to-be benefit greatly from a trained pre-natal therapist helping to soothe sore muscles...
Relax with flowing style massage that soothes the nervous system, whisking away stress, and pains from your muscles.
Feel the satisfaction of knots letting go, a more therapeutic treatment than the Classic Swedish Massage.
Enjoy the soothing warmth of stones melting away stress and tension from your body.
Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific areas known as reflex points on the feet and hands.

Special Massages

Reiki is a form of energy work that originates in Japan and translates as “universal life energy.”
Massage Cupping therapy is not an irritant to the skin or body. It draws inflammation out, yet does not add to it.
annie solo
Create a unique healing session by choosing from modalities hailing from both Eastern and Western Origins.
ashiatsu pic
Ashiatsu massage is the ancient tradition of using the feet for massage; deep and luxurious work.
deluxe massage
Deep tissue massage plus dry body brushing, an exfoliating foot treatment, and the use of aromatherapy oils.
The ultimate treatment for sore muscles that will speed recovery for a body full of aches and pains.
Experience the ultimate bliss of hot stone therapy, deep tissue massage and reflexology all woven into one.


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