Hot Stone Massage

We really value the benefits of hot stone massage at Unity Healing Arts. Our therapists are trained in the special skill sets required for integrating hot stones into massage therapy sessions.

Hot stones are valuable and special when worked into a massage session for multiple reasons. They bring in the healing power of Nature into the session. Nature can be healing and balancing to the body and its systems. Bringing the body closer into its natural state of balance and relaxation can allow the body’s own healing mechanisms to function more fully.

In addition to encouraging the body to enter more deeply into relaxation, hot stones can certainly help soften muscle tissue and fascia, reducing the tension being held onto by the body. As therapists, we find that working with hot stones can help relax tight muscles, allowing our manual therapy to be more effective as we attempt to unwind knotted up muscle fibers and fascia.

Sometimes we refer to the sessions with stones as “healing stones”, because it is not just the heat that is beneficial from the stones. The stones help center the energy of the body as well. It is understood by many that Nature can help us heal our emotional/energy centers as well. Applying the stones throughout the session or leaving some lay on the body can help one feel more relaxed and restored when we are emotionally or energetically out of balance.

For more information, watch our short video below!